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Cristina Tavares Correia

There are so many different ways to find out what's important happening right now all over the world!

The news... they arrive on the TV, the Internet. From the radio, you hear in the car every morning, on the way to school; newspapers and magazines you see on news stands and kiosks, even through the cinema. They are like transports that bring you the news. That's why we call them mass media or media - the word is so old that it even comes from Latin.

The media have several functions: to inform, to teach, to have fun, but it is also through them that advertising reaches us or that people give their opinions.

Radio through the times

In the past, the news took longer to arrive. It was necessary to leave the house to find out what was going on. With the invention of the radio and later television brought them into our homes and today, we can know what is happening at the time, while everything is happening.

Television to the Internet

The rise of the Internet has made everything even faster. Today net goes with us everywhere, on our smartphones and on the computer. Technology advances faster and faster, and so the tendency is for information to reach us faster and faster and spread to more people.

It is not easy to interact with the radio announcer, the television presenter or journalist who writes the news in the newspaper. With other people who are watching and reading them, on the Internet, this is already possible. Through social media, people leave their comments and opinions, communicate with each other, leave suggestions to those who make the news.

But just as you don't talk to everyone you meet on the street, on the Internet, you should also be careful with yourself and with the people you talk to.

Here you will find tips to find out how you can protect yourself there or how to find out when they are trying to trick you with fake news or images, for example. We will also tell you about the different ways of telling a story and informing. We share some of the secrets about how to distinguish what are facts and what is only people's opinion, and that does not have to be necessarily true.

But not everything will be all talk! On this page, you will also be able to have fun while learning. Everything to make your media journey as fun and safe as possible, so that you can learn a lot from them and learn more about the world around you.

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